• Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Balance Charger

    The expansion of the Hitec charger line continues with the introduction of the X2 AC Plus Black Edition AC/DC Dual Balance Charger/Discharger with built-in power supply. With increased capacity and compatibility, this portable, compact, and reliable charging unit affords flexible charging of all battery chemistries whether you are at home or in the field. Its leading-edge power distribution mode allows efficient assignment of output power based on individual battery requirements while the Voice Guide feature makes for easy, user-friendly communication. With a built-in 10-amp power supply, internal balancing circuits, and 10 different charge/discharge profiles, the X2 AC Plus Black Edition is an absolute powerhouse. Featuring our “SCAN TO GO” and Smartphone control via Bluetooth, this charger delivers the high performance and convenience that you can always expect from Hitec. 

    • X2 AC Plus Black Edition charger
    • Two XH adaptors
    • Power cord
    • Two banana connectors with XT60 connector charging cables
    • Two 2 in T-type charging cables
    • Two receiver battery charging cables
    • Alligator clip charge cable
    • Twin channel, dual battery charging
    • Dual input and power distribution
    • 10 Battery memory
    • Charge/discharge profiles
    • “Scan to Go” smartphone control
    • Terminal voltage control
    • Voice guide
    • Supports DC output power



    This is the ACDC Powered Black Edition Hitec X2 High Power Multi Function
    Balancing Charger, Discharger and DC Power Supply.





    1-6 cell LiPoLiHVLiFeLiIon batteries
    1-15 cell NiMHNiCD batteries
    2-20V Pb Lead Acid batteries
    Two channels can charge two different kinds of batteries
    4mm banana plug outputs
    Voice guide
    Terminal voltage control
    Scan to Go smartphone control
    Re-Peak mode for NiMHNiCD batteries
    13.8V DC power supply with maximum 150W output
    LiPo battery meter
    Temperature threshold function with temperature probe (probe not
    included, separate purchase required)
    Battery voltage and internal resistance meters
    USB port for firmware upgrades
    One year limited warranty through Hitec beginning at date of purchase




    Hitec X2 AC Plus Black Edition Charger with built-in Cooling Fan
    Two XT60 Charge Cables
    Two 2-Pin T-Type Charging Cables
    Two 2-6S XH Balance Adapters
    Two Receiver Battery Charge Cables
    Instruction Manual




    Input Voltage: 11-18V DC (100-240VAC)
    DC Input: 11-18V DC
    Total Charge Circuit Power: 100W AC Input 200W DC Input
    DC Output Power: 10-100W
    Capacity Range: 100 - 50000mAh
    Charge Current Range: 0.1 - 10.0A x 2
    Discharge Current Range: 0.1 - 2.0A x 2
    Discharge Current Power: 10W x 2
    Current Drain for LiPo Balancing: 300mA per cell
    Net Weight: 46oz (1293g)
    Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.7 x 2.7 (184 x 146 x 70mm)


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